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RIFT Legal Services offers unique protection to businesses and recruitment agencies against HMRC employment status challenges.

Employment status has become a difficult and thorny area, with the threat of significant penalties hanging over it. Despite their best efforts to comply, many companies are facing crippling liabilities for a complicated area of law.
Companies taking on self-employed subcontractors are risking legal challenges from HMRC. They may believe their workers to be genuinely self-employed, but it’s sometimes hard to prove. HMRC challenges can cause major damage to businesses in terms of time, cost and reputation.

Changes in recruitment agency law that are making it harder and more dangerous to use self-employed workers. Agencies have to prove that the client has no right to supervise, direct or control how the services are provided. This is extremely difficult, especially when HMRC take the fight to the client directly.

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What we do:

  • Analyse your business and how self-employment case law and legislation apply to you.
  • Advise on which workers should be self-employed or PAYE.
  • Provide all contracts and documentation setting out terms and conditions for the self-employed individuals.
  • Defend you if you’re challenged by HMRC.

RIFT Legal Services is about peace of mind and financial security. This includes full legal indemnity should HMRC ever challenge the status of your workforce. You’re free to concentrate on running your business, leaving us to take care of any risk.

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