Jan Post appointed as Chairman of the RIFT Group​

2016 was a fantastic year for us at the RIFT Group and the future’s already looking bright for 2017. The first big news for 2017 is that Bradley Post will be taking over as RIFT’s Managing Director and Jan Post will be taking a broader strategic role as Chairman of the Group.

We’re a family business at heart, and we’ve all pulled together as only a family can. We’re always looking for ways to expand the things we can do and the people we can help as a company, and 2016’s impressive groundwork is giving us the opportunity to do exactly that.

This new chapter is all part of a wider recalibrating of roles within an expanding RIFT. As with any family, members’ responsibilities shift as we mature and grow together and this kind of flexibility is why family businesses are so resilient and popular. It’s also why they’re seen as reliable and trustworthy from the outside. We support and give each other room to grow. In our case, over the last year, it’s allowed us to expand into new markets and build our position in existing ones.

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